On a mission to elevate the guest experience.

Our amazing team

General Director/Partner

Lee Oliveira

Human Resources Director

Erin Gabrysz

Operations Coordinator

Tina Starzenski

Marketing Manager

Sarah Medd

Sales Manager

Dave Norris

Office Manager

Myra Khan


Robert Brittan

Sales Assistant Manager

Zach Santos

Customer Service

Maya Estacio

Head Recruiter

Ann Rogers

Senior Consultant

Ryan Sawatzky


Blair Moore

Get Up, Go Global has completely changed the game in the hospitality industry by offering a wide range of products and services that are custom-made to meet its unique needs. Since we started in 1999 as a staffing company, we've become a major player with one mission: to make your guest experience better than ever before.

What sets us apart

We've got an all-star team of dedicated pros with backgrounds as diverse as the toppings on a loaded pizza. Each of us has spent some serious time in the hospitality biz, so we know the ins and outs like nobody else.

With our firsthand experience and deep understanding of your business, we're the go-to crew for delivering top-notch solutions that match your exact needs. We've got the secret sauce to make things happen.

We've walked the walk in various hospitality roles, which means we've got the inside scoop and can provide you with unrivaled insights and killer solutions. Our goal? To make sure you shine in the ever-changing world of hospitality.

When it comes to results, we're all in. We're here to ensure your success, every step of the way. With our expertise and unwavering dedication, you can bet your bottom dollar we'll make magic happen!