To apply for work with Get Up & Go Global you need to be at least 18 years old.

When you accept a position using Get Up & Go Global, you become an employee of the company that has hired you. Your pay scale is set by the employer and will depend on your position, your experience, the location of employment, and other benefits offered by the employer. Get Up & Go Global does not issue pay cheques, nor do we take any fees from your pay. We are not responsible for salaries and it is recommended you do your due diligence to ensure the job you are accepting will pay you according to the labor laws of that country.

After accepting a position through Get Up & Go Global, you will be paid by the company that hires you. In most cases you will be paid in the respective currency of employment and usually bi-weekly or once a month. This is subject to differ between employers and this is a great question to ask a potential employer before you accept a position.

When you are submitting information for your profile on our site, you need to be conscious of the type of work you are applying for and submit relevant information related to that position. For example, if you are applying for a job as a dancer at a resort you would need to submit a dance resume, a cover letter, a few dance videos, and 6-10 recent photos with you in dance wear doing some dance moves. On the other hand, if you are applying for a position as a sales manager for a large hotel chain it is advisable to include a cover letter, a resume detailing your sales experience and achievements, as well as letters of recommendation from past employers. It is always better to submit more information rather than not enough. Please also remember to include your earliest date of availability.

If you find a position at an All-Inclusive resort through Get Up & Go Global, in most cases you will have you accommodations and meals included in your employment. The details of what amenities you will have access to should provided to you by the potential employer before you accept the position.

If you are working at a contract position that you found using Get Up & Go Global then your ability to extend your contract would depend on the needs of the employer.

If you are working at a contract position that you found using Get Up & Go Global then your ability to extend your contract would depend on the needs of the employer.

Get Up & Go Global has many employers that are looking to hire more than one person at the same time. You can apply with your friend or spouse and request that you work together, however there is no guarantee that you will be offered positions at the same company in the same location. Please keep in mind that some companies do not like to hire couples and other companies are okay with it, so be honest with what you are looking for.

Get Up & Go Global works with many employers all over the world. We work with resorts, restaurants, hotels, bars, theme parks, production companies, and everything in between. If you are looking to work in a specific area please state that in your application. In the interest of keeping the confidentiality of our clients, the name of the employer will only be released to you once they have expressed interest in you and request an interview.

If you get a job at a resort or a hotel and you would like to find out about friends and family deals you would need to request that information from your supervisor. Most resorts do offer discounts for family and friends if proper procedures are taken.

If the job posting states that your accommodations will be provided as part of your employment package, it is your responsibility to find out all of the necessary details. The resort will usually house you either within the resort in a special area reserved for staff, or at a secure location just off the resort grounds with other staff.

If you currently employed under contract for a specific duration and you cannot complete your contract you must notify your employer and give the proper notice. In some cases if you’ve been offered a contact completion bonus or incentive (such as flight reimbursement) it will be lost if you do not fulfill the entire term.

If you are hired to work in a country other than your own, your medical coverage will depend on the regulations of the country of your employment. The details of coverage or insurance will be available to you through the interview process before you decide to accept a position.

You can create an account and find work for free using Get Up & Go Global. If you are serious about your career in entertainment and hospitality, you have to option to upgrade your membership level and have your profile appear first in employer searches, be promoted to potential employers, and even have one of representatives act as your personal agent* (benefits depend on membership level chosen). We do not take any fees from your pay once you find a position.

If you are looking to work in a different country then you would require a working visa. The employer usually takes care of that and it is usually valid for one year. If you need to get the visa yourself, the potential employer would provide you with detailed steps to take to obtain one.